“The recall of Irbesartan Tablets was unexpected but initiated with public health and safety at the forefront of this decision. The NDEA impurity found in the API was not present in the initial batches of API and only present in the most recent batches, which are being recalled. Westminster will remain diligent and steadfast in its approach to quality, efficacy, and the safety of its patients.”

~ Gajan Mahendiran, CEO of Westminster Pharmaceuticals

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With a growing number of global manufacturers, developers and distribution partners; we market and sell high-quality, affordable generic medications throughout North America.


Our mission

Westminster Pharmaceuticals firmly believes it is our mission and duty to build relationships based on trust with our customers and employees. Our governance, ethical practices and policies are focused on building a culture of responsibility where our everyday actions are governed by a duty of trust.

Who We Are

 Under the Westminster Pharmaceuticals label, we work with each of our partners to achieve mutual long-term success. As we move ahead and expand focus on Research and Development, we are continuing to develop and market additional quality generic pharmaceutical products.



Executive Team

Leadership teams are everywhere indeed, almost anywhere people gather to plan and discuss in order to get matters done. The movement towards collaborative teamwork is one of the essential changes that has allowed today’s diverse companies to prosper and grow. Welcome to Westminster Pharmaceuticals.

Westminster - Manufacturing


Our manufacturing team strives each day to offer the most affordable and safest products to all healthcare providers while committing to being a reliable supply chain partner.

Westminster Pharmaceuticals brings a level of consistent excellence throughout the research and development process solidifying excellence behind each of its products.